Client & Lecture Testimonials

 Long Island Parrot Expo


As I walked up to the door I was filled with excitement because fellow parrot lovers would be inside . The place was abuzz with bird people everywhere!

I went right to the LIPS table to find out what time the lectures were.  You see, I found a great group of people on facebook talking and sharing about their life with their greys & I felt like I was home . I found out a wonderful and knowledgeable avian behaviorist ran the page. Soon I found she will be lecturing at the show, and I was there.

You could tell right off the bat how Lisa Bono loved her birds. Her advice was solid and easy to understand; touching on a vast amount of information for living daily with African greys. I took notes; from babyhood to food, behavior and a maturing grey was in her very well packed lecture.

Parrots are wonderful creatures & Lisa Bono is such a wonderful asset to the avian community.

Sincerely, Denise Rodriguez


February 14, 2014

Lisa Bono

The Platinum Parrot

Lakeside Square

290 Route 9 & Seneca Blvd

Barnegat, New Jersey 08005


I am writing on behalf of Lisa Bono and the Platinum Parrot. I found Lisa while searching the IAABC website for a parrot Behaviorist for my African Grey parrot. Her profile stated she specialized in greys and her location was in New Jersey, not far from where I live. I have had parrots for a good part of my life, starting with parakeets as a child.

Lisa answered my email request for information right away and we set up a time to speak to each other.

When we spoke, Lisa was informative and her friendliness made me feel at ease. She gathered information and gave me time to consider moving forward with the consult. It is an in depth process and requires a detailed history of human and parrot information, along with pictures and/or videos. The Cost was $100.00 for an hour and a half phone consult.

Even before the official consult, Lisa and I had ongoing conversations about my Grey, Ziggy. She viewed videos I sent her. She told me simple changes I could make right away that might improve his behavior. I could tell she was a real “parrot person”. She loves what she does and sincerely wants to help others.

Our consult took place while she was on vacation in Florida, she was thoroughly prepared and it lasted over and above the one and a half hour. There was no additional charge.

Along with her extensive experience, Lisa also owns a store and she recommended foods, treats, toys and sent me food samples, not only for my Grey but my cockatiel also.

While viewing the videos I sent, she took the initiative, making me aware of a possible health issue with my cockatiel. I was very grateful for her input, since my attention has been focused on Ziggy. Lisa has owned cockatiels, and talked me through a period when my tiel was laying eggs.

All in all, I have only known her for a short time, but you can tell parrots are her passion and she makes us all feel like part of her extended parrot family. I would highly recommend Lisa Bono, ACPBC as well as her store.

Yours truly,

Karen S