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Common Name:
The Congo African Grey(Psittacus erithacus erithacus) being the nominate and most popular species. Other common names include: Congo, Cameroon, and Ghana. All the same species, but coming from different regions of Africa, and the ONLY difference in appearance would be slightly larger in size and lighter in color. Most aviculturists only recognize two subspecies of the AFRICAN GREY. the Congo and the Timneh. Size and description: Overall, The Congo African Grey Parrot is a medium grey bird with shades of light grey on the body. The feathers on the head have brushed white edging. The eye area is of bare white skin. A solid black beak and bright red tail are the finishing touches on this magnificent parrot. Young CAG’s have dark grey tips on their tail feathers. They vary in from 12-14″ from beak to tail, also can vary in weight between 400-650 grams depending on the frame of the individual bird.